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 Welcome to My New & Improved site, after 7 years I am completely redoing my website, I will be adding the bunnies so keep checking back.

??????????  Blazin Bunz Aaron – 4 Legs – Red

Katarina BIS BSRH 5 7 2016 Randy Shumaker A  3L Katarina – 2 Legs – Tort

BIS   BSRH-A 5/7/2016 – under judge Randy Shumaker – Best In Show her 1st time out showing!

BOSV  BSRH-B 5/7/2016

Tattletale 3rd Place Breeders Choice BSRH 5 7 2016 Randy Shumaker C   Tattletale Good 6 30 2016WildCreek Wee Tattletale – 1 Leg – Bkn Tort

BOS – BSRH-B 5/7/2016

Also 3rd place Breeders Choice at BSRH 5/7/2016


Mini Rex Varieties/Colors I work on are Black & Broken Black, Blue, Castor, Black & Bkn Black Otter, RED and I am currently working on Blue & Chocolate Otters so have some chocolate and chocolate carriers. I Also have REW/White.

??????????????????????????????? WildCreek Grimm – Sr Black Otter buck RIS at the FRBA show B on 4/25/2015 and WildCreek Hell Fire – Sr Castor Doe BOS at the FRBA show B on 4/25/2015

???????????????????????????????  WildCreek Grimm – RIS WMRCF Show D under judge Allan Ormond

???????????????????????????????  WildCreek Alcatraz – 4 Legs Won 1st place BSB at the 2016 WCC show in Reno… there were 14,000 plus entries at this show… He has a brand new owner Harmony in CA…. SO VERY PROUD OF THIS BOY

???????????????????????????????   WildCreek Mirror Mirror – Blue Otter

Holland Lop Varieties/Colors I work on are Tort & Blue Tort, Blue, Blue Otter, Black, Sable Point & now Smoke Pearl also all of these colors in Broken. I do have some Orange in broken & Solid as well as Siamese Sable.

BRAVO BOB and BIS Honorable Mention 9 5 2015 with Brian Coates WildCreek Bravo – Tort  2-Legs

Double BOB show A & B GFRB Sept 5, 2015 and Honorable Mention for BIS in show B

Glitterati Icon  WildCreek Glitterati – Sr Tort Doe  BOB at the March 21st 2015 GFRB show B  1-Leg

???????????????????????????????  WildCreek Octavia – Sr Broken Tort doe winning BOS at the FRBA show B on 4/25/2015 – she was so happy she was way over posing… little ham… LOL  4-Legs


??????????????????????????????? WildCreek Blue Romeo – 3 Legs for BOS & BOSV & 1/8

DSCN4295-1  DSCN4294-1 WildCreek Hot Shot – Tort 2-Legs

BOB & BOSB at the BSRH shows. 1st time out – Jr buck

I currently have Mini Rex & a few Holland Lops available for sale, send me an email with what you are looking for.

Arrow New Champ Aug 2011  CH WildCreek Red Arrow Silk – “Arrow”
I work on Clear Red, Black & Rust and Chocolate & Rust Min Pins. I breed for Health, Confirmation and Temperament.

You can also find WildCreek Rabbitry on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/WildcreekRabbitry